Bloodline (in development)

Konstancya Wróblewska (1873–1949)

My maternal ancestors left behind all that was familiar in search of a better life. Their respective countries repeatedly changed names, rulers and borders in their lifetimes. Their respective journeys brought them to the beautiful city of Chicago:

– The Wróblewski and Bołka families hailed from Poland.
– The Kasun and Radović families hailed from Croatia.

They began the families that led to me. I am intent on paying respect to all for their courage.


I am grateful that genealogist Sanja Frigan Ciuha is investigating the Croatian line. I look forward to seeing the results and incorporating them into my research.

I have made entries for family members at Find A Grave. They can be found under their respective matriarchs Rozalija Radović and Konstancya Wróblewska. Though it is still in progress, it is a good foundation for anyone interested in the family origins.

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