Surround by words and music, I was born in San Luis Potosí, México—my father’s homeland. My mother’s ancestors hail from Ireland and what is now Croatia and Poland. I was raised in Chicago’s McKinley Park neighborhood.

I wrote for Young Authors as a child, and worked with Gallery 37 as a teenager. Since 2001, I’ve written articles, reviews, interviews, prose, and poetry for: The American Harp Journal, Lumpen, Meefers, Poetry.com and Wet Noise. I formed the sound and vision duo EaViL and solo project RODENTAL as additional outlets for my poetry.

During a beautiful 3-year stay in Barcelona, Catalonia, I wrote and published Diving Deep for Sea Shells—the biography of legendary jazz harpist Stella Castellucci. Researching information for that book allowed access to the source material. This initiated my interest in archiving. I also worked on the archives of a hero of mine, Lydia Lunch.

The heights of Montjuïc and Tibidabo were reached through love. I became happily married to Antoni Maroto, a language professional. We are currently based in Salt Lake City.

I am a beginning birder and I love to travel. I have a deep interest in genealogy. I’m dedicated to preserving the lifework of artists and families through writing and investigating. I’m a resourceful writing consultant that can contribute to your company and/or projects with quality.